Creators & Designers of elegant Bohemian Style Hand Fans & accessories

Vent de bohème specialises in beautifully crafted Hand Fans, cotton made Interior Pillows, elegant ready to install transat canvas fabric, deckchair in prestigious Acacia Wood, and serving plateau in Birch Wood’s leaves. With floral and colourful designs expressing beauty, happiness and pure freedom.

The unique and original designs are proudly made in-house, and printed in France.

French Creation

Made with love in Montpellier

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Kiss the horizon
Collect discoveries
Paint your holiday memories
Cultivate your imagination
Throb from the sound of sharing
Achieve your fantasies
Party in all directions !
Colour your difference

Embrace the word “Bohème” and retain its delicious taste :
A blend of colours, beauty, escape, life of freedom, happiness and sharing.

A playful wind of change comes seeding flourishing ideas in a creative way.
Inspire, create and spread exquisite objects that would beautify interiors & exteriors.

Sow with the winds the seeds carrying our respect and commitment,
this is the spirit of Vent De Bohème.